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levitra 60mg (vardenafil)

Levitra is more effective analogue of Sildenafil

levitra 60mg (vardenafil)

According to the studies of the Cologne Medical Center, Levitra is many times more effective than analogs and other drugs for erectile dysfunction. Despite the fact that the effect of vardenafil on the body of a man is relatively short (3-5 hours), this time is sufficient to make a full-fledged intimate contact.

Drug advantages

  • High effectiveness
  • Harmless to the male’s reproductive system
  • Adverse reactions are reduced
  • A possibility of use by older people
  • The product has a long-lasting effect (up to 6 hours)
  • Alcohol and high-calorie foods do not affect the work of the drug
  • No addiction
  • A desired effect occurs after half an hour

Positive effect

Penis erection is a hemodynamic process. The result is due to the effect of Vardenafil on the blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis. In the process of intimate contact, the cavernous bodies release nitric oxide. In turn, it participates in the activation of the enzyme involved in the synthesis of cGMP. Under the influence of Vardenafil, the PDE5 enzyme is blocked, as a result, the effect of endogenous NO increases. This explains the increased sensitivity of the male penis. Levitra enhances erection before sexual intercourse. Immediately after ejaculation, the effect of the drug gradually diminishes and increases with repeated sexual excitement. The effective result of the drug will prevail only in cases of sexual stimulation.

The medication has passed studies that gave a positive result. This allows people suffering from diabetes and even those who have had surgery to remove the prostate gland to also use this drug.