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levitra soft 20mg (vardenafil)

Levitra is more effective analogue of Sildenafil

levitra soft 20mg (vardenafil)

The main active ingredient of Levitra Soft is Vardenafil. The effect of the drug comes in a quarter of an hour after taking it. The mechanism of drug action is based on the stimulation of the walls of the cavernous bodies of the penis in men. The drug effectively improves erection, its strength and increases the duration.

Main advantages

Positive properties of the drug:

  • quick and easy intake of a substance that has a sweet taste. After taking, there is no need to drink water
  • the reaction occurs within 15-20 minutes after ingestion and lasts about half a day
  • it is permissible to mix the medication with alcohol or fatty foods
  • minimized risk of side effects

Levitra in chewable tablets

One of the methods for combating impotence is the well-known to the consumer brand-name drug Levitra. But after a while, a new type of this drug in the form of chewable tablets appeared on the market. It received the name of Levitra Soft and is a generic of the original Levitra, but the tablets are not inferior in quality to its predecessor and have characteristic properties similar to the brand-name medicine. As for the cost, it is much lower. Most buyers were satisfied with this product and believe that Levitra Soft is the most effective drug. Doctors explain the high effectiveness of the remedy by the fact that vardenafil has an individual effect on the human body.